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Summary-Crime in Osijek – legally binding (final) judgement

Osijek, Zagreb, 6 August 2010. Deciding on appeals by the defendants Branimir Glavaš, Ivica Krnjak, Gordana Getoš Magdić, Dino Kontić, Tihomir Valentić and Zdravko Dragić and the State Attorney, that were filed against the Zagreb County Court's Verdict No.K-rz-1/07 of 8 May 2009, the Supreme Court partially upheld the defendants' appeal statements and modified the first-instance verdict: …opširnije





General goals

Protection and promotion of individual human rights

Promotion of human rights standards and civic freedoms in Croatia and the region

Building and sustaining an open, democratic society aimed at maintaining peace and cooperation

Lessening the amount of politically motivated violence, ethnic hatred and xenophobia in Croatia and the region

Removing war as an option for solving conflicts between civilised states


Specific goals

  1. To organize help for victims of human rights violations in the city of Zagreb, Croatia and the region
  2. To provide legal and humanitarian aid to refugees and returnees as a group whose human rights have been seriously violated
  3. To eliminate society’s recourse to violence and different modes of intolerance
  4. To publicly condemn different modes of violence: from violence towards women to ethnically motivated violence or violence directed against an alternative worldview, as well as to condemn the incitement of such violence
  5. To contribute to better functioning of the judicial system
  6. To ensure equality of rights of all citizens, before the law and in practice, regardless of their sex, religion, ethnicity or race
  7. To encourage a socially sensitive state and society, to care for the unemployed and those discriminated against, the poor, the elderly and the disabled
  8. To publicly promote, in words or action, tolerance and other values expressed in the CCHR goals
  9. To establish and make public the truth about the war based on facts and documents
  10. To establish and maintain co-operation between organisations with similar goals, in Croatia and the region, so as to reach the proclaimed goals more easily




1. Direct help to those whose   

   human rights have been violated

  • help in solving status questions  (citizenship, status of a foreigner,   obtaining documents)
  • legal and humanitarian aid in the field
  • search for missing and displaced persons
  • legal help to "conscientious objectors"
  • opposing unlawful forcible evictions


2. Permanent  SOS telephone line   for the victims of discrimination


3. Informing the public

  • press conferences and public warnings when authorities violate  human rights or fail to stop  

   violations of human rights

  • starting legal proceedings and writing articles and protest  letters against provisions of law

   which endanger human rights




4. Help in defense before the court

  • help in organising the defense in trials where, according to CCHR, human rights of the accused could  be violated
  • organising and inviting  domestic and foreign observers to  the political trials       


5. Organisation of public

   discussions and seminars

  • promoting tolerance and  protection of human rights
  • condemnation of "ethnic  cleansing" and ethnic  discrimination
  • pleading for the right of all the refugees to return


6. Help to refugees

  • help in organising the return
  • acceptance and help to returnees


7. Cooperation with the bodies of   UN and the Council of Europe




 (as possible violator of human rights):


The state is an organisation chosen by citizens and  at  their service.


It should be liberal, social and democratic.


The task of the state is to protect freedom,plead for peace and create potentialities for the citizens at whose service it stands.


Protection of human rights is not a matter of chioce but a basic duty of the state.

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